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Wish Creative drops its hook in three different categories that have need of our services.

CORPORATE: Wish Creative works with marketing directors of companies to improve the communications tools they use to reach their customers. As a result, companies get better creative, on schedule and on budget. Since we are a small company, they deal directly with me from start to finish. I work with a variety of very talented and experienced copywriters in Atlanta as well as around the US. When photography is required, I select a shooter based on the type of images needed. I work with printers as well and often have taken the jobs through printing and have delivered it as a turnkey project

ADVERTISING AGENCIES: Wish Creative also works with advertising agencies, design firms and public relations shops. We help out on accounts when the internal creative team is busy or the workload is too big. I work with their copywriters or I can bring a freelance writer to the project based on the type of client. We are fast, conceptual and know how to work from a creative strategy brief. We have used many different media to carry the message. To ensure the message and look stay consistent, we’ve worked with PR departments to produce their materials.

PARTNERSHIPS & ALLIANCES: Occasionally, we get requests to help do the creative portion of a project in order for someone to get the entire project. Instances where this happens is with printers who get requests to design a brochure, large format printers who need banners designed, bus shelter display owners who need posters designed for the shelters, trade show exhibit builders whose clients need new designs.