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Steve got his start in the retouching business in Chicago working at Emulsion Stripping Ltd. He did work for large Chicago advertising agencies and catalog houses such as Sears, Spiegel, Montgomery Wards just to mention a few. When he started retouching in 1975, everything was done by hand. Steve migrated to computers early and has loved the change. He has been working in the advertising arena for over 30 years. He moved to Atlanta in 1979 to help start Ultra Graphics, a photo lab that is now Meteor Photo. He is considered an expert in color and an image wizard. Steve works with all the top Atlanta ad agencies, photographers and designers as well as many out of state agencies and design studios. He has worked with Arenella Studios, Digital Picture, Graphic Press and Tucker Castleberry. He was a partner and lead artist with Slingshot Studio in Atlanta for 10 years, and now has his own business, JSN Studios. He loves to play golf and have a good cigar.